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Celebrating National Mentoring Month: How Mentorship Powers Career Growth

Have you ever had a mentor in your personal or professional life?If you have, take a moment to think about what that person did for you and …
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National Clean Off Your Desk Day: Exploring the Link Between Clutter, Stress and Productivity

Do you have a desk or dedicated work space at your job, or even in your home office? If you do, take a moment to examine it the …
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Electronic Health Records: What Consumers Should Know about Cummins’ New System

Have you ever given much thought to your personal health records?If you’re like most people, then this isn’t a subject that comes up often in your day-to-day …
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Tips for Nutrition and Healthy Eating During the Holiday Season

The end-of-year holidays have arrived, and for many people, the holiday season is closely connected to food.Those of us who celebrate Christmas typically bake cookies, pies, and …
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Crisis De-Escalation: Tips and Advice for Defusing Difficult Situations

Think back to the last time you witnessed another person become very upset or agitated. What caused them to feel this way, and what did they do in …
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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan: Creating an Instruction Manual for Your Mental Health

Imagine you wake up one day and discover that you feel a bit “off.” Maybe you’re more irritable than usual, or maybe you just feel unmotivated. Maybe you …
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Domestic Violence Intervention: How Rehabilitating Abusers Helps Victims

Domestic violence, also known as family violence or intimate partner violence, affects millions of individuals in the U.S. every year. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that 12 …
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Explaining Flow: How “Getting in the Zone” Can Help with Mental Wellness

Have you ever been “in the zone” with a project? Or you sat down to do something you love and somehow the ideas just seemed to come to …
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How to Spot and Respond to Cyberbullying, a Growing Problem for Children and Teens

In a world where technology is a dominant feature in most of our lives, it would seem that bullying would be a thing of the past. Everyone’s on …
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Compassion Fatigue: Overcoming a Common Challenge for People Who Help Others

Any type of work that puts people under large amounts of stress for extended periods of time can lead to burnout. Burnout is often identified by feelings of …
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How Motivational Interviewing Helps Create Positive Life Change During Counseling

“Everything changes and nothing stands still.” — Hereclitus of Ephesus, ancient Greek philosopherChange is one of the few things about life that never changes. No matter who …
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Family Therapy: Restoring Cohesion through Validation and Compromise

“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.” — Michael J. FoxSince the beginnings of human history, the family has always been our most vital social unit. …
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