Youth and Family Resiliency

Cummins’ Youth and Family Resiliency Program serves children and adolescents, ages 5-18, with serious emotional disturbances in the context of the family system. Additionally, some school-based programs serve pre-school aged youth (2-5) and their families.

Service divisions within the Youth and Family Resiliency Program include:

  • Office and Community-based Services
  • School-based Services
  • Family Preservation Services
  • Wraparound Services

Office and Community-based Services

Children with emotional disturbances and their families are able to receive comprehensive treatment through our outpatient offices. Therapy, skills training and development, and case management are offered in the office and community to youth and their families.

You can learn more about our office and community-based youth services by visiting the following pages:

School-based Services

In collaboration with local schools, Cummins places clinical providers within the school to work with children and adolescents in their natural setting, where mental health difficulties frequently present themselves. Early identification and treatment of these conditions often results in fewer mental health challenges when youths enter adulthood.

You can learn more about our school-based services by visiting the following pages:

Family Preservation Services

Family Preservation Services are designed for families (with a substantiated case of abuse or neglect) that DCS believes could safely care for the children in their home with the assistance of appropriate services. All in-home CHINS and IA should be referred for Family Preservation Services.

  • Family Preservation Services include assessment of the child/parent/family resulting in an appropriate service/treatment plan that is based on the assessed need. The clear goal for these services is to preserve the family and avoid the trauma of removal for the child, provided it is safe for them to remain with their identified caregiver.
  • Family Preservation Services are home-based and will monitor and address any safety concerns for the child. Any interventions are strength-based and family-driven with the family actively participating in identifying the focus of services.
  • Family Preservation Services are all-inclusive and must aim to preserve the family by addressing any presenting safety and supervision concerns. Treatment-planning/establishing goals should be a collaborative effort among all family members including children.

Please see this additional download for more information.

Wraparound Services

The Wraparound program is an intensive, community-based program provided to families with the greatest risk of out-of-home placement for children. Cummins provides Wraparound services in Boone, Hendricks, Marion, Montgomery, and Putnam counties.

The Wraparound program is designed to address youth with complex needs and/or who are in danger of out-of-home placement. The program utilizes a wraparound approach designed to keep children in their communities. High Fidelity Wraparound is an evidence-based process that provides a comprehensive, holistic, youth and family, driven way of responding when youth experience serious mental health or behavioral challenges. It involves a committed team comprised of family, friends, community and professional supports to collaboratively develop an individualized plan of care that includes resources, talents and strengths to address the underlying needs of the family.

Visit the FSSA website to make a referral for Wraparound services:

You can learn more about Wraparound services by visiting the following pages:

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