Adult Recovery Program

Cummins’ Adult Recovery Program is designed for persons 18 and older with a diagnosis of one or more severe and persistent mental illnesses. Services are individualized for each person and incorporate the person receiving care, their family, other natural supports, behavioral health providers, medical providers, employment specialists, peer recovery specialists, and other community partners involved in the person’s recovery.

For your convenience, we offer same day assessments at all of our outpatient offices from 8:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday. Click here to learn more about same day assessments.

Service divisions within the Adult Recovery Program include:

  • Adult Rehabilitation Services
  • Peer Recovery Services
  • Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Coordination Services
  • Adult Mental Health Habilitation Services

Adult Rehabilitation Services

Adult rehabilitation services engage individuals in a personal journey toward developing a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life despite the limitations of the symptoms of mental illness. Through building life skills, persons served learn to mitigate risk behaviors, build supportive relationships, and improve overall functioning to achieve and sustain recovery.

You can learn more about our adult rehabilitation services by visiting the following pages:

Peer Recovery Services

Peer recovery services are provided by Indiana Certified Recovery Specialists who self-identify as being in recovery. Through the role of being a peer mentor, Certified Recovery Specialists connect with persons served in regard to understanding recovery, overcoming barriers to engagement, and defining what recovery means on a personal level. Peer Recovery Specialists carry the message of hope as they model recovery and establish the belief, Recovery is possible!

You can learn more about our peer recovery services by visiting the following pages:

Behavioral and Primary Healthcare Coordination Services

For persons with both physical and behavioral health needs, managing the complexity of symptoms is difficult. Behavioral-Physical Health Coordination (BPHC) services provide supportive and intensive community-based treatment to individuals with co-occurring physical and behavioral health needs through increased coordination and learning self-management. Individuals can achieve greater health outcomes when both physical and behavioral needs are addressed comprehensively.

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