Youth and Family Services

Services to children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances involves families, community partners and other relevant entities involved in the youth’s life.

  • Office and Community-based Youth and Family Services: Some families will be seen within the community or in one of Cummins office locations. These programs work with youth in the context of the family system emphasizing the role of individual and family resiliency.
  • School-based Services: School based services will be available where Cummins has available clinical providers co-located within a school. Working closely in collaboration with schools, providers are able to meet youth in the school environment where mental health problems frequently present. Early identification and treatment of these conditions result in a higher likelihood of reduced mental health problems as an adult.
  • Family and Department of Child Services Program: Cummins will receive referrals for service from the Indiana Department of Child Services. Programs identify providers that specialize in working with families that are involved with DCS. Services are provided in the home, office and community and frequently involve supervised visitation services. One additional division of the Family and Department of Child Services program is the Children’s Mental Health Initiative:
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