Medical Records

Requesting Medical Records

Your rights as a consumer with Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. include access to your treatment records.  Cummins Behavioral Health Systems, Inc retains records for 10 years after discharge.  Once you have completed our release of information, our Health Information Services department will be happy to process your request for records. 

How do I fill out the release form?

We have different options for filling out our release of information form. 

  1. We recommend our electronic release of information form here:  Release of Information.  Our electronic release form will walk you through step-by-step so your release will be filled out correctly.  Once you have electronically signed and submitted the release, it will be directed to our Health Information Staff.
  2. You may download the form here: Release of Information to print.  The document includes easy to use instructions.  Printed releases can be sent via:
  3. You may also stop by one of our conveniently located Outpatient Offices and our Access Staff will be happy to assist you in completing the release and will forward your request to our Health Information Staff.

What happens now?

Once our Health Information Staff have received your release of information, staff will contact you within 10-14 business days to verify how you would like to receive your records. 

We can print your records for pickup, send records via encrypted email or mail your records whichever is most convenient for you. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Health Information Services Staff at 1-888-714-1927 ext. 1509.

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