Cummins Receives MHA Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health 3 Years in a Row!

June 25, 2024


Cummins has always placed the highest importance on the health and well-being of our team members.

Since the founding of our organization more than 50 years ago, we have known that behavioral health care providers must maintain their own mental health in order to attend to the mental health of others. As a common saying goes, "You cannot pour from an empty cup."

One of our most important jobs as a community mental health center is to ensure that our team members' cups do not run dry.

That's why were are excited and honored to announce that, for the third year in a row, Cummins Behavioral Health has been awarded the Mental Health America Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health at the Platinum Level, which is the highest level attainable.

We view these awards as important validation of the wellness-first workplace we have created and continue to cultivate every day at Cummins.

What Is the MHA Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health?

Mental Health America (MHA) is the nation’s leading national nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of mental health, well-being, and illness prevention. MHA advocates for closing the mental health equity gap while increasing nationwide awareness and understanding through public education, direct services, tools, and research.

After decades spent researching mental health in the workplace, MHA introduced the Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health in 2019 to recognize organizations that support employee mental health and well-being. The purpose of the Bell Seal is to help employees identify mentally healthy workplaces and provide guidance for employers who are committed to creating them.

Organizations that wish to be considered for a Bell Seal award must undergo a rigorous evaluation of their policies and practices related to employee wellness. Assessment criteria include mental health awareness and training, employee empowerment and opportunities for growth, benefits and paid leave for mental health challenges, and policies supporting equity and inclusion.

How Does Cummins Measure Up?

The MHA Bell Seal can be awarded at four different levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

According to data from 2023, only 1 in 4 organizations (24%) who apply for a Bell Seal are awarded one. Only 1 in 20 organizations (5%) who apply are awarded the Bell Seal at the Platinum level. Cummins is very proud to be counted among this elite group.

Even among organizations that are awarded a Bell Seal, Cummins scores highly on the assessment criteria. As you can see in the graph below, Cummins scored higher on all categories in its 2024 assessment than the average Bell Seal recipient in 2023. And these scores were anywhere from 60% to 260% higher than the average scores for non-Bell Seal certified organizations.

Cummins 2024 Bell Seal Scores Compared to 2023 Applicants
Cummins 2024 Bell Seal Scores Compared to 2023 Applicants

Some other noteworthy statistics regarding Cummins' 2024 Bell Seal certification include the following:

  • Cummins was the first employer in Indiana to be certified with a Bell Seal in 2024.
  • Cummins was the first employer in the social services industry to be certified at the Platinum level in 2024.
  • Our strengths include creating a culture that supports workers’ well-being (100% score in Culture) and holistically supporting workers with workplace programs (100% score in Wellness).
  • Recent wellness improvements include growing our Employee Wellness Committee and investing in resources to assess and improve worker engagement.

What Are Our Employees Saying?

We've seen what Mental Health America thinks about our staff wellness policies and procedures, but what about our employees themselves? What do they have to say about our mental health friendly culture?

To answer this question, we invite you to watch the following video with Human Resources Team Member Stacy Stelter and Director of Child Resiliency Services Jessica Hynson!

We would like to thank Mental Health America for awarding us the Platinum-level Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health for the past three years. As an organization dedicated to the mental health and well-being of every person in our community, it is a great honor and privilege.

We believe this achievement speaks to our commitment to be the mental health provider of choice for persons seeking services as well as the professionals who deliver those services. In a world where caregivers do not always receive the support and recognition they deserve, we are proud to be an advocate for those who choose to serve.

Keep an eye out for us around this time next year—we have every intention to secure Platinum Bell Seal #4 in 2025!